2014 Scholarship Winners


The scholarship committee wants to congratulate all of the 2014 scholarship recipients. We wish them well in the future and hope the scholarships help to reduce their collegiate expenses. The scholarship program is a wonderful way to recognize interns that work for you or college students you meet in the industry.

The committee also wants to thank the PGMS member sponsors of the scholarship program: Dr. Cathie Lavis of Kansas State University, Jennifer Gulick of Davey Resource Group, Dr. Susan Everett of Clark State College, Ken Ingram of University of Maryland, Rosemarie Leland of University of Vermont and Gail Zorn of Gwinnett Technical College.

PGMS is proud to announce the following 2014 scholarship winners:

First Place: Matthew McKernan, Kansas State University – $1,600  MatthewMcKernanWeb
Second Place: Rachel Comte, University of Cincinnati – $1,300  RachelComte
Third Place: Jeffrey Fox, Clark State College – $1,100  JeffFoxWeb
Fourth Place: Julia Thome, University of Maryland – $900 JuliaThomeWeb
Fifth Place (tie): Jacob Suissa, University of Vermont – $550 JacobSuissaWeb
Fifth Place (tie): Clinton Truitt, Gwinnett Technical College – $550 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA