PGMS Salary Survey is Now Available

PGMS Releases Highly Anticipated 2017 Grounds Compensation Survey Results

A compensation survey for grounds personnel has been completed for the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS®) by Industry Insights, Inc. The study is based on results and comments collected by a questionnaire sent to members from March to April 2017. Over 20% of the PGMS membership participated in the survey, which includes grounds personnel from higher education facilities, hospital complexes, retirement communities, arboretums, municipalities, and hotel/resorts, to name a few.

The well-presented 40-page report provides detailed comparative statistics on multiple facets of employee compensation and benefits, utilizing textual and graphical findings, and includes a “How-To” guide on interpreting the results. One of the coveted features of the report is the Compensation Calculator, which creates customized aggregations of compensation information based on many areas of respondent data, including, but not limited to, acres managed, grounds type (urban/rural), level of education, and years in current position.

The report provides the average dollar level at which new hires are being made as well as the number of reports received and the range reported for the “per hour” figures. For instance, the PGMS Salary Survey reports the average salary for superintendents/ managers was $36.47/hr. with reported salaries ranging between $34.52 and $38.38. The average hire rate was $34.38.

In addition to providing the average salary figures, the PGMS report also breaks down its management respondents by position title, years in the profession, years in present position, highest education level, type of grounds managed, total acres managed, annual base salary and benefit programs.

The report reflects, for instance, that the average management respondent had 14.5 years in the profession and has been in his or her present position for eight years.  Over 55 percent of the respondents reported an education level of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The average base salary of a grounds manager was $79,334.

The report has been sent to members of the Society who participated in the survey. Copies of the PGMS report are available to professionals outside of the PGMS membership. The cost is $150. The cost for members who did not participate in the survey is only $50. For further information, contact PGMS at


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