2011 Scholarship Winners


The scholarship committee wants to congratulate all of the 2011 scholarship recipients. We wish them well in the future and hope the scholarships help to reduce their collegiate expenses. The scholarship program is a wonderful way to recognize interns that work for you or college students you meet in the industry.

The committee also wants to thank the member sponsors of the scholarship program: Mike Loftus, CGM – University of Delaware; Suzanne Woodell, CGM – Biltmore Estate, Asheville, N.C.; Walt Bonvell, CGM – Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio; Lester N. Potts – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; and Marion Bolick, CGM – Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, S.C.

PGMS is proud to announce the following 2011 scholarship winners:


First selection: MacKenzie Patrick
Penn State University
Second selection: Benjamin Ford Roane
State Community College
Third selection: Alex Benoit
Cincinnati State College
L-R in picture: Walt Bonvell, CGM, Alex Benoit, Denny Baker, Brad Weisman of
Forrest Lytle & Sons.
Fourth selection: Anthony Wotzka
University of Minnesota
Fifth selection: Amanda Kyzer Spartanburg
Community College