CGM and CGT: Maintaining Certification

Maintaining CertificationThe PGMS Certified Grounds Managers (CGM®) professional designation is now trademarked. PGMS has established a new continuing education reporting system for the maintenance of your CGM®.

Effective January 1, 2013, all CGMs will only need to report 25 CEUs every three (3) years instead of the previous requirement that they report 50 CEUs every five (5) years.

There will now be a $75 CE reporting fee; BUT, for each year in which a CGM is a member of PGMS during the three year cycle, he or she may deduct $25 from that fee.  In other words, if you were a PGMS member during the full three-year cycle you would not have to pay a CEU reporting fee – you would, however, still need to submit your CE report.

If a CGM fails to earn and/or report the required 25 CEUs every three years, he or she will be placed on suspended status for one year and will unfortunately be prohibited from using the registered CGM® trademark.  During that year, he or she may submit the CE report (with the above sited fee) and be immediately re-activated as a CGM in good-standing.  Should a former CGM or a CGM who does not meet the above continuing education requirement wish to re-establish him- or herself as CGM in good-standing, he or she may do so by reporting fifty (50) CEUs and a payment of a $250 reinstatement fee.

As PGMS has been advised by its trademark counsel, this new reporting program will enhance the continued demonstration of the knowledge of a Certified Grounds Manager.

Thank you for your support of PGMS and for the CGM® professional designation.

*Please note CEU’s obtained during your three year period can only be applied towards your current reporting period. You cannot apply additional CEU’s towards future CEU renewal periods.

*CEU requirements are waived for PGMS Retired Members.


Click here to download the CGM Reaccreditation CEU Report Form.

Click here to download the CGT Reaccreditation CEU Report Form.



A.   GIE attendance/Regional attendance

  • 5 CEU for a Regional Seminar and Site Visitation attendance
  • 15 CEU for a full GIE registration

B. Involvement with Society

  • Branch officer: 3 CEUs per a year of service
  • Board of Directors: 5 CEUs per a year of service
  • Committee: 3 CEUs per a year of service
  • Teach course at GIE EXPO: 3 CEUs per engagement
  • Mentoring or grading for the CGM process: 3 CEUs each

C. Teach or write an article for the Forum or professional trade magazine tying in PGMS

  • Write article: 1 CEU for each
  • Teach Course: 15 CEU per a semester

D. Classes taken (that pertain to grounds, business or technical)

  • Conferences: 1.5 for each day
  • Accredited Programs: External CEUs vary
  • College credits in grounds-related or business courses: 15 CEUs per semester

E. Certifications

  • Pesticide License: 5 CEUs per year – Copy of license required
  • First Aid Certificate: 3 CEUs per year – Copy of certificate required

Please submit your credits to:


Attention: Certification Committee
720 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Fax: 410-752-8295


The fee for the re-accreditation is $75 every three years.