2009 Award Winners – Government Building or Complex


Smithsonian National
Zoological Park

Washington, D.C.
Employees: 14
Budget: 1.5 million
Acres Maintained: 163
At the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Northwest Washington, D.C., the grounds crew led by Park Manager Frank Clements, aim to please all customers of the zoo both human and animal. The 163 acre urban park contains animal exhibits, restaurants, gift shops, formally planted gardens and naturalized areas. Each animal exhibit is landscaped to simulate the natural habitat where the animals are found by using both native and non-native plants that are non-toxic and safe for the animal collections. Hardscape materials such as boulders, stones, tree limbs and vines to frequently used in the exhibits to enhance the animals natural tendencies and make them feel more at home. Just a few techniques the zoo crew uses to maintain beautiful grounds, safe, friendly animal enclosures and at the same time give our visitors the illusion that they are in various habitats around the world.


Monona Terrace Convention
Madison, Wisconsin
Employees: 12
Budget: $55,000
Acres Maintained: 6
The Monona Terrace Convention Center features one of the most distinctive landscapes in Wisconsin’s State Capitol – a multi-level project including a rooftop terrace. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and serving as a link between the City of Madison and its beautiful chain of lakes, Monona Terrace is meticulously maintained and always ready for visitors – whether they are politicians gathering for a convention or old friends enjoying lunching along the lake. This site is also silver level LEED certified, with the landscape playing a large role in that designation, thanks in part to the maintenance team of David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc. and manager Lisa Weiss.