2009 Award Winners – Hospital or Institution


The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio
Employees: 6
Budget: $200,000
Acres Maintained: 18
The dedicated grounds crew, led by director Tom Bates, incorporates the hospital’s core values of excellence, compassion, efficiency, leadership and safety into everything they do. They have created inspiring, accessible designs throughout the property filled with daffodils, mums, black-eyed susans and more, that dazzle the eye that offer a refreshing departure from what is traditionally expected in a hospital environment. That is most notable at the historic entrance and fountain, which have been completely redesigned with carefully selected, drought-tolerant plants. Also notable are the granite benches that are made out of the old curbs from the hospital’s street replacement showing a true commitment to recycling!
Maple Knoll Village
Cincinnati, Ohio
Employees: 8pgms.org
Budget: $210,000
Acres Maintained: 43
Nestled in Cincinnati, Ohio this 54 acre continuing care retirement community is called home to more than 700 residents. Residents, their family members and visitors are treated to gardens filled with water lilies, table pergola and orange and yellow trumpet vine. Unique water features fill the landscape and add to the gardens including a millennium garden water feature that simulates rainfall and has a backdrop with illuminating lights at night. Topped off with eye catching annuals, October Glory Maple trees and wildlife, Landscape Supervisor Brian Dargis and his crew have established a luxurious place for residents to call home.