2009 Award Winners – Hotel, Motel, or Resort


The Breakers Palm Beach
Palm Beach, Florida
Employees: 25
Budget: $1,400,000
Acres Maintained: 26
The exotic beachfront resort in Palm Beach, Fla., is filled with newly redeveloped features including pools, gazebos, and private bungalows in a lushly landscaped private setting. The creative selection and use of salt tolerant plant species is critical to provide a sustainable tropical feel. Vines cover fences and flowers decorate the tops of trash receptacles for the refined look our guests and members require. The renovated Palm Courtyard features Italian hand-carved marble fountain and intricate tile mosaics with laser-cut palm fronds. Confederate jasmine vines cover trellised walls, and rare Cabada palms, gingers and bromeliads complete the upscale tropical plantings. The organic herb and vegetable garden is maintained for guest enjoyment, but also provides fresh produce for chef’s use in the resort restaurants. All this and more make up the luxurious resort compliments of Landscape Manager Lloyd Singleton pgms.organd his fine crew.