What better way to explain why you should be a member of PGMS than to ask another member?

“I have been in building and grounds for 43 years and during that time I have been to many schools and conferences from the state level to the national level. I can tell you that the PGMS organization is by far the best that I have ever been involved with.”
Ed Gooch, Retired Parks Supervisor, City of Ankeny, Iowa

“Being a member of PGMS offered me the opportunity to network with colleagues sharing information which has helped me improve our grounds management program. I’ve built long-lasting relationships and friendships and have been afforded tremendous opportunities to lead.”
Chris Fay, 
University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 
Greensboro, NC

“From the opportunities given me to develop leadership skills, to the national and local networking I’ve enjoyed, PGMS membership has been a wonderful investment in my career. From the outstanding annual conference and Green Industry Expo to the professional certification program, it’s an investment that keeps paying super dividends.”
George Van Haasteren, CGM, 
Dwight Englewood School, 
Englewood, NJ

“PGMS membership provides me a chance to serve, to give back to a profession that has given me a great livelihood!”
Kevin O’Donnell, 
Villanova University, 
Philadelphia, Pa.

“I joined PGMS to better my knowledge of the Green Industry, to network with my peers, to find ways of working smarter not harder, to become a leader within my company and within my industry, to become more efficient at my job while making my employees more efficient at theirs and to increase my value in my career.”
Matthew Vehr, 
Moeller’s Nurseries, 
Cincinnati, Ohio