PGMS Announces Kevin Cook as the 145th CGM!

The Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) has announced that Kevin Cook of Winston-Salem, N.C. has become the 145th grounds management professional to successfully complete its Certified Grounds Manager (CGM) program.

Cook currently serves as the lead groundskeeper at Wake Forest University. PGMS recently spent a few moments getting to know Kevin, who has been a PGMS member since 2011.

PGMS: Why did you want to become a CGM?
Cook: I wanted to become a CGM as part of my professional development at work, to further my education, and to become more established in the landscape field.

PGMS: How has the CGM program helped you further your career?
Cook:Through the CGM program I have made great contacts and working relationships with fellow professionals. I have learned a lot about our individual process and now have a documented representation of our procedures. I look forward to building on this certification in the future. Most of all, it has inspired me to focus on our sustainability efforts here in the Wake Forest community.

PGMS: What advice do you have for aspiring CGMs?
Cook:The certification process to become a CGM takes dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Good documentation of the landscape plays a crucial part in being successful throughout the program. There is a great sense of accomplishment upon completion and I would encourage anyone aspiring to become a CGM to go for it!

PGMS:What challenges have you faced in your professional career that helped you through the process?
Cook: Managing a successful landscape can be very rewarding but it can also be very challenging at times. With the help of the Wake Forest University, Graylyn has provided a great environment to learn and grow as a landscaper. Some of the same hardships and difficulties we face in the landscape have created opportunities for us to be successful. The PGMS certification program helped identify which factors were most beneficial in contributing to our success. The certification document now serves as an educational reference for future growth.

PGMS:What are your favorite aspects of working in the green industry?
Cook: My favorite aspects of working in the green industry is being able to see the fruits our labor. I truly enjoy working outside and working with people. I hope to help create a beautiful landscape and sustainable environment for years to come.