Cincinnati Branch

Cincinnati PGMS Branch events
often feature behind-the-scenes tours
of prominent grounds programs,
such as the Great American Ball Park (shown here).


Jennifer Gulick

Davey Resource Group

Joey Wolf
Xavier University

Denny Baker

Cincinnati State Community & Technical College (retired)

Doug Young

HJ Benken Florist & Greenhouse

Collison Stewart

Paul Brown Stadium


The Greater Cincinnati Branch of PGMS enjoys a broad membership of managers of college and university campuses, cemeteries, golf courses, professional sports complexes, and of allied horticultural and arboricultural consultants and suppliers. Our members reside and do business in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.The Branch is proud of the members who have won the prestigious Green Star Award, such as Xavier University (Honors Award, 2000) and University of Cincinnati (Grand Award, 2005) in the Urban University Grounds category.The Branch is also proud of the national leadership it has given back to PGMS. We have produced three Past Presidents: Earl Wilson (1982), Tom Smith (1991), and Matt Vehr (2002). Currently, member Walt Bonvell is a Director-At-Large.The Branch holds a variety of educational meetings throughout the year. Some are workshops based in the classroom, but most are held in the field for a hands-on learning experience in a variety of landscape settings. Of course, the networking and interaction between our members is the most valuable benefit of participating in Branch activities.

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