Georgia Branch


Brandon Haley
Red Diamond Inc.

Brad Barbee, CGM

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural

Anthony Williams, CGM
Stone Mountain Golf Club  

Kevin Casey
SSC Services

Jesse Mitchell, CGT
Red Diamond, Inc.    

Founded in 2004, the Georgia Branch of the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS®) is a collaboration of professional grounds managers from a variety of disciplines ranging from:

  • colleges and universities
  • health care facilities
  • religious institutions
  • apartments/condominiums
  • landscaping companies
  • golf courses
  • hotels

Founded for the purpose of perpetuating the professional image of the Grounds Manager, the Georgia Branch of the PGMS has at its focus a commitment to provide its membership with:

  1. Networking opportunities among members and industry partners.
  2. Continuing education opportunities.
  3. Information to keep its membership abreast of current laws and regulations facing the grounds management profession in Georgia.
  4. Opportunities to give back to our communities through community service.
  5. An increase in the communication between the different professional grounds managers throughout the state of Georgia.