Philadelphia Branch


Jared Rudy, CGM

Pat Callahan

Randy Haffling

Claudia Kent

Hugh Weldon
Greg Nichols
Joe Bayer
Ryan Day

Ed Harman, CGM

Officially chartered as a Branch of PGMS in September of 1983, the Philadelphia branch of PGMS can trace its “roots” back many decades as a branch of the National Gardeners Association. Many of the original chartering members are still active today. We are proud of our region’s long heritage of commitment to the advancement of understanding and appreciation of our environment. This age-old commitment can be seen throughout the many college campuses, hospitals, arboretums and parks across the Delaware Valley. With the renewed emphasis on “green building” and “eco-friendly” construction, we are seeing a return to responsible development and management, with an eye to the future. Many of our members have helped develop, promote and guide these important concepts, and are at the forefront of this resurgence.We are fortunate to draw our membership from a broad range of public and private colleges and institutions, park systems and public utilities, as well as educators, researchers, private contractors and suppliers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. These individuals make up the core of our branch, and together it is our goal to grow professionally, to educate one another, and to promote the Green Industry and environmental awareness to all.

SeptOct2015ForumThe School of Grounds Management & GIE+EXPO is right around the corner, start getting excited about it with the latest issue of the PGMS newsletter. This issue includes:

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