PGMS Green Star Awards

You are invited to enter the 45th annual maintenance awards program sponsored by the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS). The annual Professional Grounds Management Awards Program brings national recognition to grounds maintained with a high degree of excellence. The program complements other national landscape award programs that recognize outstanding landscape design and construction. Please fill out the form below. If you have any questions please contact PGMS headquarters at or 443-966-3852 x 146.

Please start your application by downloading and filling out the PowerPoint template: click here.

To view a sample video of how to fill out the form and submit your presentation please click here.

*Please note – if after you hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the page and you don’t get a “thank you for submitting” screen, your PowerPoint is probably too large. You will need to make the file smaller and re-submit your entry. A file size no larger than 30 MB would be sufficient. PGMS apologies for any issues this creates.

Name of the company or agency official consenting to this entry and a release for publicity:
Please include 4-5 sentences about the submission. Options include: What features are highlighted in the submission? Any unique or special facts?
Cite specific examples. E.g. Installation of permeable pavers (stormwater management practice), yearly cleaning of paver joints to assure water percolation.
Cite specific examples: E.g. Safety (OSHA training), PPE, Training Plans, Snow Removal Policy/Plans, etc.
Include: Full time salaries & benefits, Overtime, Part-Time Wages, Contracts for in-house operations, Contracts for Pest control/mowing/trees, Material & Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Vehicles & Fuel
Please include solutions, success, failures, lessons learned
Please include solutions, success, failures, lessons learned
Please make checks payable to the Professional Grounds Management Society according to payment option listed above. Checks should be mailed to PGMS, 9 Newport Dr. Suite 200, Forest Hill, MD 21050. Please also indicate in the memo area of the check "Green Star Award Application."
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Please use this powerpoint template: Click Here. You may need to hit "Enable Editing" to edit the powerpoint slides if you are under Protected View.
PowerPoint must include the following: 28 slides with 26 digital high photos (please set camera settings to largest photo size).

A total of 26 photos should be included within this powerpoint. Breakdown of pictures:
(1) slide outlining Mission Statement for Grounds Department
(15) photos Overall Beauty of Landscape Project
(4) photos showing Crew At Work
(4) photos showing Challenges and Solutions Faced in Maintaining Site
(1) slide of Grounds Program Summary
(1) photo and description of Sustainable Practices
(1) photo and description of Safety Practices
(1) photo of Person in Charge

****Entries containing less than, or more than, 28 slides and 26 digital photos will be REJECTED. ****

Once PGMS headquarters receives the submission they will review the entry and immediately contact the applicants of being rejected, giving them a grace period of 5 working days to re-submit with the correct amount of slides.
Each PowerPoint slide must include a descriptive caption.
For those who will submit a check, the total will be shown as "0". Please follow the instructions above under Payment Option for submitting checks.