North Carolina Branch Hosts Successful Volunteer Cleanup Event

The PGMS North Carolina Branch hosted an outreach project on Feb. 22, 2014 at the Odd Fellows Cemetery, a landmark in Winston-Salem, N.C. that had fallen into disrepair and needed help. David Davis, CGM, associate director of landscaping services at Wake Forest University, organized the event.

The event had over 200 volunteers that came out to give their service to help cleanup much of the 13 acre site. The volunteers included local residents, PGMS members and students from area colleges, such as Winston-Salem State University and Wake Forest University. Volunteers did a variety of tasks including: picking up litter, removing and loading brush and wood, using wheel barrows, shoveling, raking, sowing grass, spreading straw and removing English Ivy from the base of trees.

Brandon Haley, CGM, groundskeeping manager for Red Diamond Inc. in Moody, Ala. reflected on his involvement with the event: “This was by far the largest volunteer event that I have ever been a part of. It left me speechless when I left. While I always leave a PGMS meeting with a sense of renewed passion for our industry, this time was different. I was proud of what was accomplished, amazed at the fellowship and teamwork, and flat out impressed with the community involvement. This can only happen with great leadership from a team of dedicated, passionate people.”

The Branch envisions making this a multi-year event in order to keep the cemetery landscape clean, updated and beautiful.

Click here and here to view photos from the event.

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