PGMS Announces Eugene Loew as the 157th CGM!

EugeneLoewThe Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) has announced that Eugene Loew of Alexandria, Va. has become the 157th grounds management professional to successfully complete its Certified Grounds Manager (CGM) program. Loew currently serves as the park manager for the City of Alexandria.

PGMS: Why did you want to become a CGM?
Loew: It was almost six years ago when I first looked into the PGMS Certified Grounds Manager program. At that time I did not meet the qualifications required to obtain certification. This became a career goal and I focused on gaining the experience and education I needed to achieve the highest tier of grounds management and obtain certification. I am a firm believer in the philosophy of being the best at what you do and this drove me to become a CGM.

PGMS: How has the CGM program helped you further your career?
Loew: The CGM requires knowledge of industry standards and best practices. Understanding these practices has helped me in managing the best possible grounds that conditions allow. Just as importantly, it has enabled me to utilize objective tools in measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of grounds management practices, which I have been able to apply to forecast budget scenarios to upper management. Using national standards, I can demonstrate direct impacts that budget cuts or increases will have to the grounds I manage. This gives upper management the tools they need to make accurate budgeting decisions and has enabled me to better plan any changes to maintenance based on budget forecasting.

PGMS: What advice do you have for aspiring CGMs?
Loew: If you are aspiring to obtain this certification look into what it requires, talk to current CGMs and listen to their advice. In this process you will improve yourself as a professional and the areas you manage.

PGMS: How did your mentor help you along the way?
Loew: Having a mentor involved in the certification process was vital for me. Grounds management is a very demanding field and even in what many consider the “slow season” there is a hundred different needs pulling you in every direction. Having someone who is familiar with these industry demands and who is there to help you develop your CGM portfolio makes a real difference.

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