Green Star FAQ’s

How large can my PowerPoint submission be?
The PowerPoint submission cannot exceed 60MB, no exceptions. PGMS will also not accept compressed zip files. The attachment must open in PowerPoint, not into a webpage.

Can I email my PowerPoint if the submission exceeds the upload limitation on the form?
No, the PowerPoint must be successfully uploaded onto the submission form.

Is there a sample PowerPoint I can view?
Yes, click here to view a sample PowerPoint presentation from a 2012 Grand Award winner.

How many slides are allowed?
28 Slides Maximum. If the submission exceeds 28 slides it will be disqualified. Click here to review  what slides are required.

How many photos are allowed?
26 Photos Maximum. If the submission exceeds 26 photos it will be disqualified. Click here to review what photos are required.

Can I submit more than one (1) photo per slide?
The only slide that is allowed to have more than one (1) slide is the Challenges slide where one before and one after picture can be submitted on the same slide. Click here to view the PowerPoint template.

Can I provide a link to an external website, such as Instagram, for the Awards Committee to view additional photos?
No, any links that provide additional photos will render the submission ineligible.

When we speak of challenges, are they significant challenges or challenges we face day to day (i.e. pests)?
It could be both. What we would like to see/know is what are the solutions that have been implemented to make that work.

I maintain an area around the golf course (lodging). Which category does this site fall under?
The golf course category can incorporate the landscape. If the site has nothing to do with golf course, categorize under (Hotel, Motel, Resort).

Am I able to change the borders around the pictures, as long as the pictures are not enhanced/altered?

Should the picture of staff just be the grounds manager or the entire staff who manages the site?
Five photos should show your crew at work. One photo of yourself as the person in charge is required.

When will I find out if I have won?
Applicants will find out results via email in mid-August.

Can the entry fee be paid using a credit card via phone?
We cannot take any payments over the phone. If you require an invoice, please contact PGMS via email at

If I am disqualified, do I receive a refund on the entry payment?
Any rejected or disqualified applicant will be given a second change to re-submit the awards package the following year at a discounted rate of $100. The Awards Committee will write up extensive notes on how the applicant can improve the submission for the following year.

If I won a Grand Award two years ago but have multiple campuses and would like to enter a different campus this year, is this OK since it is a different campus?
Yes, as long as it is a different campus or a different aspect of the campus (ex. a historic home on the campus) you can submit it.

Is there a minimum entry requirement on budget amounts to enter?
No, there is not a minimum budget figure.

Many of the photos were taken in the raw format and were converted to jpeg to be usable in PowerPoint and other uses. The properties now indicate that they were altered with Photoshop. In these cases no altering of the photos took place but the conversion. Is this a permissible entry photo?
The rule stipulates that you can’t alter or enhance the picture in Photoshop and just converting the photo to another type of file in Photoshop does not violate that rule.

What are the judges looking for in the slide “Grounds Program Summary”?
The summary should focus on how the grounds department allocates resources to accomplish the goals established. It should somewhat mirror your budget summary allocations.

Contracts (pest control, tree, mowing, etc)
Holiday decorating (scope)
Sustainability (rain garden, bioswale, green roof maintenance)
Landscape enhancements (installation projects)
Seasonal plantings (fall bulbs, spring/summer annuals)
Equipment repair/maintenance (in-house?) – including vehicles?
Snow removal scope
Irrigation repair, maintenance and installation (in-house?)
Training (on-the-job)
Sports field support
Leaf removal – composting
Hardsurface repair and maintenance
Site amenities (benches, trash/recycle containers, lighting)
Fountain repair and maintenance

A short sentence or two for each major activity category is sufficient.

Example: The IPM inspection program is performed by one (1) dedicated certified pesticide applicator (groundskeeper) for our 75 acre campus. Recommendations from the groundskeeper are forwarded to the grounds manager to determine the appropriate follow up action. We estimate the IPM inspection program requires 500 hours per year to accomplish.

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