2019 PGMS Scholarship Award Winners

Caitlin Carlson, a Landscape Horticulture major at Kansas State University received $3,000. Her career goal is to become an Account Manager for a landscape maintenance company.



Justin Wigdahl of Iowa State University received $3,000. Majoring in Horticulture with a focus on Landscape Design, Installation, and Management his goal is to become a landscape designer.



Sylvan Prichett, a Masters of Forestry/Urban Forestry major at Oregon State University, received $1,000. His career goal is to do landscape management and urban forestry. The fourth recipient is



Leandro Braga of the University of Kentucky where he is a Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a possible double major in Horticulture. He was awarded $1,000 and stated that his goal is to design permaculture landscapes in urban areas.


Barbara Hatchel, CGM has been a PGMS member since 2005 and was awarded $1,000. She is studying Horticulture/Turfgrass Management at Texas Tech University. Her goal is to go to either a city or school district to help education on the how-to’s of growing things and also to educate on sustainability.


Alex Bach of Kansas State University received $500. He is a Horticulture major with an emphasis on Golf and Sports Turf Management.  His career goal is to consult for a large company to help turf managers.



Miah Howe a student at Kansas State University and was awarded $500. Her major is Horticulture and her goal is to be a Field Manager.

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