2020 Breakfast of Champions- Joe Estey

“Predictably Human: Developing a Risk Competent Workforce”

Every day, we work in a world of competing priorities and tradeoffs. We ask our employees to eliminate and manage hazards, not to make mistakes and to avoid risk at all costs. This risk averse mindset does not encourage diverse thought, and rigid management styles that center on compliance without thought inevitably leads to tension and a disengaged workforce. Understanding that the greatest asset for the success and longevity of a company are empowered employees whose input is valued, is essential when developing your human capital and strengthening your workforce. During this interactive session, participants will learn the Human Performance Improvement fundamentals that are reshaping the future workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the differences between risk aversion and risk competency
  • Learn how error likely situations are created and how to manage errors rather than ignore or punish it
  • Recognize the important difference between learning by consequence and improving your organization by curiosity and interest
  • Discover Human Performance Improvement techniques that support a motivated, able workforce

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Joe Estey
has over 40 years of experience training, coaching and consulting first line workers and supervisors, department managers and executives representing a variety of industries including forest management and paper production, nuclear weapons management, chemical manufacturing, building maintenance and groundskeeping, instructional design and technical training. A practitioner and promoter of life-long learning, he has been awarded three National Public Service Outreach Awards from the White House Executive Council on Leadership during three different presidential administrations. His book, the Tomorrow Tapestry: Life Woven on the Fabric of Change (2003) was one of Publish America’s Best Selling business books in 2008 and is used in leadership and team dynamics training across the United States. His second book, The Recipe for Resilience is due out in December 2020.