Texas A&M University Landscape Services Honored with Prestigious PGMS Re-Accreditation

Texas A&M University (managed by SSC Services for Education) has been re-accredited with a 4-star rating as part of the Professional Grounds Management Society’s (PGMS) Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation, it was announced by Accreditation Facilitator Joe Jackson, CGM. They were originally accredited in March 2017 with a 2-star rating.

Phillip Zellner, CPTM, Regional Director of Operations, Grounds Management, submitted the update report and received the re-accreditation honor on behalf of the school.

This accreditation process and subsequent follow-up measures combine to exemplify a commitment to continuous improvement. The PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation is initially awarded for three years. An accredited facility must then seek to be re-accredited through a mandatory update report provided by the organization that verifies the continuing conformance to best practices and the adherence to the principles of the accreditation.

“Initial accreditation requires organizations to successfully complete a robust process to prove the knowledge, understanding, and the implementation of grounds management best practices. To obtain reaccreditation, those organizations must document their continuing adherence to the attainment levels of the best practices. The Grounds Management Leadership Team at Texas A&M University did exactly that in exemplary fashion. Not only did they provide evidence of the on-going maintenance of demonstrated best practices, they also showed exceptional improvements across the board in the evaluation process which merited an accreditation rating upgrade,” Jackson stated.

The PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation program is a dynamic evaluation tool designed to be used by facilities and organizations that have a landscape services or grounds component. Through peer expertise, the program evaluates strategic grounds management principles and practices that produce and guide the delivery of properties to an attractive, healthy, sustainable and high quality state. The accreditation focuses on three categories: environmental stewardship, economic performance, and social responsibilities. The program has four levels of accreditation (1, 2, 3 and 4–star.) It is designed to not only recognize excellence but to provide a means by which facilities can measure growth and improvements in meeting the goals of best practices. For more information on the accreditation program please visit https://pgms.org/accreditation/.


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