PGMS® Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation

LMOA LogoThe PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation program is a dynamic evaluation tool that can be utilized by facilities and organizations that have a landscape services or grounds component. Through peer expertise, the program evaluates strategic grounds management principles and practices that produce and guide the delivery of properties to an attractive, healthy, sustainable and high quality state. The PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation verifies and recognizes an environmental management systems approach applied to a grounds management template.

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How Does the PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Program Benefit Your Organization?

To meet current demanding environmental challenges and expectations, grounds and landscape operational functions should effectively integrate with sound management practices. This accreditation offers the roadmap for this process and provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • A systematic approach in performing an objective assessment of an organization’s grounds management component by a nationally recognized independent entity, the Professional Grounds Management Society;
  • Increase the organization’s ability to realize the highest return on its grounds investment;
  • Provide a means of evaluating the grounds program against industry standards and best practices to improve performance;
  • Evaluate the grounds program relative to established benchmarks for environmental awareness;
  • Ensure that the grounds component within the organization is properly set up to best implement existing and new environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives;
  • Reinforce grounds management focus on productivity and effectiveness through critical evaluation of programs and services;
  • Integrate activities that exhibit a proactive approach to ensuring the success of grounds related projects;
  • Demonstrate that the organization is dedicated to the continuous improvement of grounds management practices, and is successful in translating effective management into exceptional grounds;
  • Promote predictability and consistency in achieving grounds management obligations;
  • Obtain stakeholder feedback and participation in meeting grounds component goals and objectives;
  • Generate information for grounds adaptation measures that align with the organization’s capacity to meet maintenance requirements.

What Are the Steps for Accreditation?

  1. Organization requests information/application from PGMS
  2. PGMS sends accreditation package to applicant
  3. Organization completes site survey questionnaire and submits formal application to PGMS
  4. Application review by Accreditation Committee
  5. Initiate scheduling of site visit by PGMS
  6. PGMS identifies site evaluation team
  7. PGMS confirms site visit with applicant
  8. Evaluators conduct site visit and prepare report
  9. Accreditation Committee reviews report for needed clarifications
  10. Accreditation Committee approves or denies accreditation

LMOAchartAre There Different Levels of Accreditation?

The PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation program has four (4) levels of accreditation. It is designed to not only recognize excellence but to provide a means by which facilities can measure growth and improvements in meeting the goals of best practices. Accreditations will be awarded to deserving applicants based on a 200 point evaluation system and on a four-star recognition system.


What is the Investment Needed for Accreditation?

A goal of the accreditation program is to be attractive and feasible for all grounds organizations responsible for large campus (educational, corporate, athletic, etc.) landscape services or overall grounds operations. An Accreditation candidate’s initial investment is calculated based on all travel expenses required to send a team of professional evaluators to the evaluation site as well as general administration and professional support. Fees will range depending on the size and complexity of the grounds operation being evaluated.


Once Accredited, What Must Be Done to Maintain the Accreditation?

This accreditation process and subsequent follow-up measures combine to exemplify a commitment to continuous improvement. The PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation is initially awarded for three years. An accredited facility must then seek to be re-accredited through a mandatory update report provided by the organization that verifies the continuing conformance to best practices and the adherence to the principles of the accreditation.


How Can I Get More Information?

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