APPA Honored as PGMS Gold Medal Recipient

APPA - PGMS Gold Medal Recipient 2015

From left to right: Steve Glazner, APPA Director of Knowledge Management, John Burns, CGM, PGMS Past President.

PGMS recognized APPA: Leadership in Education Facilities with the presentation of its Gold Medal Award. The PGMS Gold Medal Award is given to an individual or entity to recognize them for outstanding and long-term achievements and/or contributions to the green industry. APPA: Leadership in Education Facilities was recognized for their long term support of the overall green industry and PGMS, as they have been a key proponent of the Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation program, elevating the recognition and value of the program, which took over two-and-a-half years to develop.  Lastly, APPA was honored for its commitment to advancing the role of grounds professionals and to creating a positive impact in educational facilities and their leadership and dedication in providing relevant and industry leading publications.