Certified Grounds Technician

For those applicants who are directly involved with performing the day-to-day tasks of grounds maintenance, PGMS® offers a certification program, the Certified Grounds Technician (CGT).

Click here for a list of all CGTs.

The CGT test consists of 40 questions based on the overall grounds maintenance field and 10 questions (multiple choice) based on your region (see below). Once your CGT application is received, payment is submitted and your application is approved you will be sent a confirmation email along with the CGT study guide. Once the candidate is ready to take the exam, they must e-mail PGMS and provide the name, position, and email address of their proctor. The approved proctor will oversee the exam. To pass the CGT exam, a minimum score of 70% is required. Once you become a CGT, you must keep up your accreditation by earning 35 CEU’s over a 5 year period. Click here to find out more information on how you can earn the 35 CEU’s.

The items on the list below must be compiled before the materials for the Certified Grounds Technician programs can be sent out. Please review this list carefully. Send in a copy of the list (along with the appropriate documents), with each item checked when you remit your application.

____1. Completed Application (Click here to complete the application)

____2. Copy of High School Diploma or GED

____3. Verification of Employment (this can be a copy of your ID card, a letter from your HR department or a paystub)

____4. Two Years of Experience as a Grounds Technician

____5. Application Fee

  • $150 for PGMS members
  • $250 for non-members
  • $350 to join PGMS and apply simultaneously

Please review the list and send all required information to PGMS Headquarters.


StatesPGMS RegionsEco-designation 1Eco-designation 2Designation
for test
AlabamaSouthernGulf CoastAppalachian HighlandsSouthern, Gulf Coast
AlaskaNorthwestBoreal ForestArcticNorthwest
ArizonaSouthwestWestern Deserts & PlateausWestern
ArkansasSouth CentralSouthern Hill CountryPrairie, Hills
California, northNorthwestNorthwest Pacific CoastNorthwest
California, southSouthwestCalifornia CoastCalifornia Coast
ColoradoSouth CentralRocky MountainsRocky Mountains
ConnecticutNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
DelawareNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
District ColumbiaSouthernSouth Atlantic Coast & PiedmontSouthern, Atlantic
FloridaSouthernSouth Atlantic Coast & PiedmontGulf CoastSouthern, Atlantic
GeorgiaSouthernSouth Atlantic Coast & PiedmontSouthern, Atlantic
IdahoNorthwestRocky MountainsRocky Mountains
IllinoisNorth CentralGreat LakesGreat Lakes
IndianaNorth CentralGreat LakesAppalachian HighlandsGreat Lakes
IowaNorth CentralGreat North American PrairiePrairie
KansasSouth CentralGreat North American PrairiePrairie
KentuckySouthernAppalachian HighlandsSouthern, Highlands
LouisianaSouthernGulf CoastSouthern, Gulf Coast
MaineNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
MarylandSouthernAppalachian HighlandsNortheast
MassachusettsNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
MichiganNorth CentralGreat LakesGreat Lakes
MinnesotaNorth CentralGreat North American PrairieGreat LakesPrairie
MississippiSouthernGulf CoastSouthern, Gulf Coast
MissouriSouth CentralSouthern Hill CountryGreat North American PrairiePrairie, Hills
MontanaNorthwestGreat North American PrairieRocky MountainsPrairie
NebraskaSouth CentralGreat North American PrairiePrairie
Nevada (northern)NorthwestWestern Deserts & PlateausWestern
Nevada (southern)SouthwestWestern Deserts & PlateausWestern
New HampshireNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
New JerseyNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
New MexicoSouth CentralWestern Deserts & PlateausRocky MountainsWestern
New YorkNortheastNortheast WoodlandsNortheast
North CarolinaSouthernSouth Atlantic Coast & PiedmontAppalachian HighlandsSouthern, Atlantic
North DakotaNorth CentralGreat North American PrairiePrairie
OhioNorth CentralGreat LakesGreat Lakes
OklahomaSouth CentralSouthern Hill CountryGreat North American PrairiePrairie, Hills
OregonNorthwestNorthwest Pacific CoastNorthwest
PennsylvaniaNortheastNortheast WoodlandsNortheast
Puerto RicoSouthernTropicalTropical
Rhode IslandNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
South CarolinaSouthernSouth Atlantic Coast & PiedmontSouthern, Atlantic
South DakotaNorth CentralGreat North American PrairiePrairie
TennesseeSouthernAppalachian HighlandsSouthern, Highlands
TexasSouth CentralGulf CoastSouthern Hill CountrySouthern, Gulf Coast
Southern, Hills
UtahSouthwestWestern Deserts & PlateausWestern
VermontNortheastNorth Atlantic CoastNortheast
Virgin IslandsSouthernTropicalTropical
VirginiaSouthernSouth Atlantic Coast & PiedmontAppalachian HighlandsSouthern, Atlantic
WashingtonNorthwestNorthwest Pacific CoastNorthwest
West VirginiaSouthernAppalachian HighlandsSouthern, Highlands
WisconsinNorth CentralGreat LakesGreat Lakes
WyomingNorthwestRocky MountainsRocky Mountains


 Send information or inquires to:

Grounds Technician Certification

9 Newport Dr.
Suite 200
Forest Hill, MD 21050
FAX: 443-640-1031

Questions? Contact PGMS at 443-966-3852 or info@pgms.org.