Data Based Hiring – Jeffrey A. Lettau

Part 1: A manager’s most important decision is hiring the right people. How do you make that “right” decision within a one-hour interview?  How do you defend that decision against challenges? Jeffrey shares the process his school district has implemented within their Facilities & Operations department and how this method has produced great hiring results.

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of “experience” in the hiring process
  • Hiring for the qualities that cannot be taught
  • Clearly defining the position to be filled
  • Develop a different view on the hiring process

Part 2: Jeffrey will delve into the interview and hiring assessment chart and how to utilize the data collected during the interview process in calculating the success potential of a new hire.

Learning Objectives:

  • Critical Interview Questions
  • How to determine the adaptability of a potential hire
  • Understand and implement the assessment chart

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Jeffrey A. Lettau, CGM

Jeffrey’s intense curiosity of how things worked started at an early age and  manifested as a need to take things apart and put them back together.  He called this “fixing things.”  Naturally, this has resulted in a 30 year career in facilities and grounds management, the ultimate job for taking things apart, putting things back together. The latter portion of this career has been in the management role where Jeffrey discovered the ultimate employment truth: the very best way to develop a high performing team starts in the interview process!  This presentation shares a hiring and interview process developed over many years.  A process taken apart and put back together many times in an attempt to “fix” how we hire the very best.