Green Star Registered

An entrant must be professionally engaged in, and responsible for, the maintenance of grounds described in entry CATEGORIES. Projects for which any entry was submitted in a design or construction award competition are eligible in the PGMS® Green Star Awards®, even if the project won an award, because maintenance is the criterion upon which an entry is judged in this award program.

Grand Award winning projects are ineligible to re-enter the program for a period of two years. For example, 2012 Grand Award-winning projects are ineligible until 2015. Any size landscape for which the entrant has the main responsibility for the maintenance and beauty may be entered. The judges will rate the turf management, landscape maintenance, challenges, and budget to determine the overall standing and award level of the entry. To view the grading rubric please click here. All entries must satisfy a two year establishment period after new construction and a two year performance period in maintaining the site.