Modern Tools for Managing Trees and Assets – Ian Hanou

Mobile cloud-based software involving tree inventory, data management tools, and dashboards allow facilities managers to collect data more efficiently and share specific information with a diverse audience. This inherently provides an interactive map of the tree and asset-related information to the public and allows administrators, contractors, crews, and the public to map, assess, monitor, and report on tree maintenance and management activities using a smartphone or tablet. It is critical to have a clear picture of your campus assets, and a management solution to assist with the maintenance and planning of their current and future needs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand GIS-based tree and asset management software and dashboards
  • Understand how to create a clear and concise picture of your tree and asset data
  • Understand how to leverage data to make an informed budget and management decisions
  • Understand how to maximize your communication with your crews and externally with interactive maps and reports

Ian Hanou

Ian Hanou has 18 years of private sector experience. He earned a BS in Forest Management & GIS from Colorado State University and founded PlanIT Geo in 2012. He specializes in urban forestry software, GIS, remote sensing, green infrastructure, and ecosystem services analysis. He has managed over 400 urban forestry assessment and technology projects with state and local governments, nonprofits, consultants, and other entities. At PlanIT Geo, Ian directs overall operations including HR, financial, partnerships, and vision. He plays a hands-on role in business development, project management, administration, and the roadmap for the Tree Plotter suite of software. In 2011, the Society of Municipal Arborists honored Ian with an award for innovation in tree planting prioritization using GIS. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two children, where he has summited all 54 mountains over 14,000 feet.