North Carolina Branch


David Ott, CGM

Angelo Azevedo

Jordana Chalnick

Kevin Reigner

Peter Ampuja
Horace Blue
David Davis
Bill Quade (Alternate)



The North Carolina Branch of PGMS® was officially started in 2003. The initial purpose was and still is “to unite those professionals whose career is involved in the stewardship of the landscape and the dissemination of education and training relevant to this stewardship.”Interest began mostly from the surrounding Universities with interest from a few other groups. The majority of the original chartering members are still active today. The NC Branch has really grown and includes areas throughout NC (the mountains, piedmont and coast). Our NC Branch is committed to attracting grounds managers and professionals from across the State of North Carolina. We have great relationships with local companies, vendors and other PGMS members. We want our members to know that we want to be the “front lines” of the Society, both in personal and professional development.Our NC Branch allows opportunities for networking, training, education and socialization. Our members have the best of both worlds—a national group with national and regional contacts and best-of-all “local networking” that can address key concerns at the local level. Our “local networking” makes us unique! Join us in our journey of endless opportunities, networking, personal and professional development, friendship and education. Grow with us!