Philadelphia Branch News Roundup

Wednesday, July 24, members of our Philadelphia Branch of PGMS gathered for an informational fun filled day at FirstEnergy Stadium in Reading, PA.  FirstEnergy Stadium is home to the Reading Fightin’ Phillies the Double-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Before the game, 38 PGMS members got to walk the field and hear turf presentations from Dan Douglas the Head Groundskeeper of the stadium and Tanner Delvalle a Penn State Extension Educator.  The presentations were interactive and members were able to learn how Dan and his staff prepare the field for the intense activity of events throughout the year.  Dan gave us insight to how he manages the property with products, experience and a Growing Degree Days approach.  Dan explained how he does this all the while being conscientious of timing the work around the events at the ballpark.

PGMS members enjoyed a buffet, great outfield seats to watch the Fightin’ Phils win a close game; and afterwards got to walk the infield and ask the the Grounds Team questions.  It was a productive and enjoyable day for our members.  In addition to our PGMS members, 23 family members and friends were able to enjoy the game and share the experience with us.  Dan Douglas and his team were very accommodating, allowing youngsters to pitch from the mound, run the bases, and enjoy the field while the ballplayers wrapped up their day.

The Philadelphia Branch of PGMS is grateful to Dan Douglas and his staff for allowing us a sneak peak into how he manages his property.  Members were able to network with each other and will be able to improve the properties they manage because they were able to share and learn information on equipment, products, timing and techniques with their peers.

Thank you to everyone that was able to take time out of your busy schedules to come.  We hope to see you all at the next PGMS event too!!!