September 16 Webinar: “Leading Your Leader”

Authentic Leaders know that to lead effectively they must lead in all directions. Certainly they must lead the people they are responsible to grow. They also know they can help their organization by leading their colleagues along side of them.

But the most effective Authentic Leaders also know they can immeasurably increase their influence in the organization by leading up as well. That means at times actually leading the people who lead them.

In this webinar we’ll discuss six key principles for leading up in your organization. The essence of modern leadership is influence. If you’re interested in increasing your impact and influence in your organization, in all directions, then this webinar is intended for you.

Steve Keating

Steve has been at Toro since 1996 joining Toro from the Dale Carnegie Organization where he spent 8 –1/2 years selling, writing & presenting training in sales, customer service, public speaking, leading people, developing leadership skills and managing a business.

He is currently Senior Manager of Sales and Leadership Development for The Toro Company working with Toro’s Commercial, RLC, Underground, Irrigation and International Businesses. In his role as Senior Manager of Sales and Leadership Development he is responsible for the implementation of The Toro Selling System and Leadership Development within all US and International distributors. Steve has over 30 years of sales and sales management experience and he speaks dozens of times a year on topics relating to sales, customer service, management, team building, leadership and business management. 

He has a love / hate relationship with golf…. he loves it and it hates him! 😉

Steve’s LeadToday personal blog with over One Million subscribers is one of the most read business blogs in the world. You can find it here: