Snow Management Planning & Benefits of Liquids – Bill Butts and Mark Aguilino

Proper planning for winter operations is the key to minimizing risk that comes in dealing with Mother Nature during the winter months.  This presentation will take you through the process of preparing for snow operations to ensure a documented, teachable system that can be the difference in minimizing risk through operations and the execution of work, costly accidents/damages, and liability of providing winter services.  The other focus will be integrating technology and understanding how liquids become game changers for not only pre/post treatment and between storms, but for minimizing salt usage and the benefits it has to Mother Nature.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding how to successfully prepare for snow and ice operations for your campus
  • Minimizing your risk during snow and ice events
  • Being comfortable investing or using liquid for anti/de-icing

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Billy Butts

Billy has enjoyed a 30 year career in the commercial landscape snow management business.  During this time he has experienced business ownership and held positions in all levels of the industry with local, regional and national companies. His senior leadership experience includes General Manager, Regional Sales Leader and Vice President. Billy has spent most of his career developing relationships clients and recruiting and helping team members grow.  Both areas are what gives him the passion and drive get up every day and go the extra mile for others.



Mark Aquilino

Mark started in the landscape and snow business at the young age of 13, working constantly in the family business.  Through the years with hard work and guidance from mentors and colleagues he earned his spot as President of Outdoor Pride Landscape & Snow Management (ODP).  Mark’s career thus far has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling, his tenure as president has allowed ODP to growth of 4 times revenue since becoming President.   ODP was most recently recognized nationally by Forbes Magazine as a Small Giant – deeming ODP as on the best small companies of 2019; with a purpose driven culture focused on the employees and clients.  Mark’s knowledge and understanding of corporate real estate operations is instrumental in aligning ODP with executing its vision and mission.  He truly believes that his leadership role is to help clear the path for others to succeed and that an energetic, engaged, and accountable family culture is the ultimate competitive advantage.  His focus for the future is to ensure ODP remains committed to its team, its clients, and the environment as the company aspires to be one of the most sustainable operating companies in the country.